Noland Hamerly Supports Ag Against Hunger

Noland Hamerly supports Ag Against Hunger monthly with in-house fundraisers.
Ag Against Hunger is an organization dedicated to feeding the hungry.

The program model is simple. Growers and shippers contact Ag Against Hunger when they have surplus produce.  Ag Against Hunger picks up the produce and distributes it to Food Banks in the tri-county area and elsewhere to help feed the hungry. The goal of the organization in the beginning was to have 250,000 pounds of produce distributed from growers to food banks. Imagine the founders’ surprise when over 400,000 pounds of produce was donated that first year to help feed the hungry.

Since the first year, Ag Against Hunger has grown by leaps and bounds. They now distribute an average of over 12 million pounds annually to many food bank partners.

 One of our attorneys, Terry O’Connor, has been on the Board of Directors for the organization for years and the firm has participated in many crop gleanings. Ag Against Hunger organizes a group of volunteers to harvest (glean) what’s left in fields in the tri-county area. Our staff and attorneys volunteer to assist in gleaning high-quality produce that would otherwise be tilled back into the soil.

We also are a Silver Sponsor for the Ag Against Hunger Agricultural Woman of the Year Luncheon held on June 5.