Noland Hamerly Supports the Monterey County Bar Association

Noland Hamerly Etienne & Hoss has for many years been a strong supporter of the Monterey County Bar Association, with its lawyers contributing their time and talents to strengthen the work of the Association. 

Noland Hamerly believes that that a strong and financially viable Bar Association is critical to advance the cause of its Bar Association’s members and to advance Monterey County’s interest in maintaining  a strong and fair judicial system, protecting  individual rights of members of the community, and making justice accessible to all. They wish to continue to show strong and tangible support for the Association at this time. 

Noland Hamerly will contribute the sum of $10,000 to the Bar Association, to assist in bridging the gap in the Bar Association’s operating funds to help ensure the Bar’s continuing financial stability. 

Fenton Keller announced that they will match Noland Hamerly’s contribution, with a contribution of an additional $10,000.

The lawyers at Noland Hamerly and Fenton Keller hope that by their example, other lawyers who have in the past supported the Association and who have benefited from a strong Bar Association will be inspired to join them in making financial contributions to the Association. These gifts of time and talent help make the Association a strong and important part of the Monterey County community.